Summer skin needs special care to stay healthy looking and prevent damage. Although we all can derive benefits from the sun’s seductively simmering rays, we have to use care when we’re exposed to it or you can do more harm than good.  A sun screen of with UVA & UVB protection of SPF 15 or more is non-negotiable. If you’re in the sun for long periods of time, reapply sunscreen every two to three hours.  Pay special attention to areas where the skin is thinnest, like the nose, forehead, earlobes, chest and shoulders. Make sure that you are also paying attention to your lips, where skin is even more vulnerable. Although the sun feels great, stay in shaded areas whenever possible. Wear a hat (there are some really cute ones that can add to your ‘look’), and sunglasses with UV protection to prevent damaged to those precious eyes. All summer skin needs hydration, even oily, acne skin. dermHA’s Therapeutic Crème is a must-have for summer skin care. High concentrations of hyaluronic acid provide skin soaking moisture, while healing aloe, calendula, arnica montana, plus a combo of vitamins help to soothe, calm and protect sun stressed skin.In addition to daily use, apply dermHA’s Therapeutic Crème immediately after prolonged sun exposure to soothe irritation and help prevent peeling. Reapply as often as needed to soothe and moisturize.No matter what your skin color, you will burn if you get too much sun. Symptoms of severe sunburn don’t always appear while you’re in the sun, but usually occur within twenty four hours and usually peaks in two to three days. Extreme reddening, swelling, blisters and pain need immediate care. Dehydration, chills, fever, nausea and/or delirium often accompany severe sunburn and so does dehydration. Avoid the sun completely until the burn is repaired. **Sun Burn Alert– For severe sunburn consult a physician.  Sunburn is especially dangerous in children so make sure they’re protected and limited their exposure to direct sunlight. A child having more than two or three serious sun burns will be more likely to develop skin cancer as an adult. Summer Skin Regimen for additional skin protection: **If you take medication ask your physician or pharmacist if it may increase sun sensitivity. Eat raw fruit and veggies as well as protein for tissue repair. Drink plenty of fluids, preferably water. Try to avoid the sun between 10 AM and 3 PM. Cloudy or hazy days have 80% of UV rays passing through clouds- so keep your guard up. Avoid alcohol based fragrance on exposed skin as it could lead to discoloration or heightened skin damage Wear light colored, lightweight, tightly woven material that breathes for maximum comfort. If you are sun burned, avoid further exposure until the skin has healed. Use dermHA Vitamin C Therapy to help repair and protect dry, dehydrated environmentally damaged skin Stay Beautiful,Millie

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“When you look good, you feel good” is what they say. I can’t answer who they are but it is a true statement. A new pair of shoes, favorite eyeliner, or even a successful day at the gym can generate a certain happiness that shines a little brighter. Although beauty starts within, we all take time to enhance our exterior on a daily basis. As I sit and write, I have an avocado mask on my hair to promote health and growth. While waiting, I plucked a couple of incoming brow hairs to keep my arch looking good! Each of us has things we like to do to stay beautiful. My mother has always stressed the importance of a polished appearance when in public. It affects how people treat you and, in essence, affects the end result of what you may want to accomplish in a day. I see a drastic change in how I’m treated the days I noticeably leave the house in a hurry versus those in which I take time to put together a decent “look”. People by nature categorize others according to their shells. One day I could be perceived as polite and intelligent. The next I could be thought of as ignorant and ill-mannered, all without saying a word. For this reason, many of us consciously or subconsciously get prettied up for onlookers. Now that’s power. Most of us, self-included, ensure that every angle is perfect if we know we will see a certain someone (this is where my dermHA products come in!) We think, “if I wear this color or accentuate that curve, he’s mine.” The irony is that we are often most appreciated in our not-trying-so-hard state. I used to think heels were key in getting male compliments. In reality, I’ve received just as many when wearing sneakers. That’s the beauty of natural beauty. So, is beauty ever bad? Well, technically no. However, the idea of beauty can become bad if its vision is homogenous. Some time ago I had to phase out the “what was he/she thinking with that outfit” reactions to what was not part of my norm. Now I’ve learned to embrace individuality and even be inspired by it. Unfortunately, there are many that have only one idea of “acceptable” hues, face shapes and hair textures. Yes, we all have our own preferences. But that’s all they should be – ours, not a median requirement. If beauty can heavily impact your emotions, routines and lives, I would say it is one of the most powerful things we encounter. With that said, it must be approached with sensitivity and openness. In a perfect world, we would all walk with our very own barometers of beauty and they’d all read something different. Even better, they’d all be loved. Be Beautiful,Jeta Jeta is from from Coatesville, PA and studied Public Relations and Spanish at Temple University. She has been using dermHA for many years to compliment her natural beauty. Her interests include reading, writing, laughing and traveling. She is currently enjoying life as a Cultural Ambassador in Madrid, Spain.

dermHA loves to share thoughts and comments about beauty and its impact on our lives.  Please take a moment to hear GG Renee’s musing on the ‘Power of Pretty’. ************* “Almost always it is the fear of being ourselves that brings us to the mirror….” I’ve never liked my toes or my knees…I have my reasons. My arms and hands are so long that my fingertips are ridiculously close to reaching my knees when I stand with my hands at my sides. My forehead selfishly stole a good inch from my scalp that it really didn’t need. I’m in my thirties, but I still have acne-prone skin. And somewhere inside there is still a 13 year old, insecure girl who wants bigger breasts, clearer skin and smaller feet. This girl in me wills me to compare and contrast myself to other girls and wonder what it feels like to have all the physical qualities that I have told myself will make me feel more desirable. I know this girl very well. We go way back.I have recently acquainted myself with a newer part of me that is spreading a different attitude and becoming the Girl to Watch among all the little girls that make up the woman that is me. Word on the street is that nobody can do what I do quite the way I do it. My long body, sensitive skin and big head are mine to love and carry with grace. I’m finally believing the idea that there is no benchmark for beauty and that how I feel about myself determines how I look. It’s my business to feel good on my own terms without apology or fear of judgment. This is the hottest trend , the fashion must-have, the magical beauty secret of all fabulous women: Believe you are beautiful and beautiful you will be. Let’s not make it more difficult than it needs to be! Who is the fairest of them all? The one whose mirror reflects self-love, self-awareness and the boldness to live out loud. GG Renee GG Renee loves to write and advocate for the success and emotional well-being of the modern woman. She infuses the concepts of self-love and personal development into everything she creates. Based in the Washington DC area, she does relationship management for a financial services company by day; while her free time is spent studying the complexities of love and life. She is a peace warrior, a dancing queen, and a scribe hopelessly devoted to personal freedom. GG is one half of the duo behind the happiness blog, Peace Love and Pretty Things. She also shares her personal journey of transformation on her blog, The Write Curl Diary.

Have you tried dermHA yet?  We could tell you all the great reasons and potential results of using dermHA, but we think our customers say it best!  Keep reading to hear actual client thoughts and testimonials…and then ask yourself, ‘are you ready for the beauty of healthy, hydrated skin?’ “I absolutely love the handcream i won as part of my winnings!! It really makes my hands feel smooth and kissable, or so my husband says. Can’t wait to try the mask. thank you so much…love it!” ~Jen My name is Idris Coleman, I am 19 and I have used DermHA for about 3 weeks now. I love the products I have used over the whole period. After the first week I noticed a huge improvement in my skin. My skin had lightened considerably, and the really bad acne that I struggled with for years, had suddenly faded away to the… lowest I ever seen since I’ve started getting acne as a early teen. I have completely stopped using all other face care products besides DermHA and have never been more pleased with my skin. I would recommend this to anyone, and hope the best to the DermHA family! Thank You so much! God Bless! ~Idris “Millie, I can already see my skin improving after one treatment… can’t wait for my next appt.!!! Also, I am totally LOVING the DermHA products…The enzyme mask is AMAZING!!! “ ~Michele   “I received 5 products about a week ago and I have to say..they are all nice but I ♥! the rejuvinating cleanser and the enzyme mask!” ~Dana   “Your products & services are amazing!!!  See you in 2 weeks!” ~Dee   ” Enzyme Mask…hands down. I sleep in it. I clean the house in it. Sometimes I forget it’s on and have gone to the store in it. I don’t even care….you get BRAND NEW SKIN AFTERWARDS that’s complimented by EVERYONE!” ~Maggie     “I had a great time meeting all of the women in attendance and learning of your fabulous company and product line. I have to share with you that your Lip butter has already made a huge impact. My son’s lips were so severly chapped the skin .…..was hard, cracking, and peeling. When I got home I applied your lip butter that night and saw an improvement by morning! I applied it again during the day and at bedtime and two short days later his lips are back to being soft and moisterized. No more hardness, cracks or peeling. I can’t tell you how many lip balms we have been through in an effort to keep his lips healthy and your lip butter was the only product that was not only successful in reconditioning his lips but also has lasting results. Thank you!” ~Rebecca Are your lips kissably soft? Stay tuned for a limited release of our dermHA lip butter recommended by Rebecca at our e-store…

Flawless Skin (dermHA) to DivaScribe: THANKS Millie!: “OK…it’s been a while been a while since you last heard from me, but first I have to give a big thanks to Mildred Bell first. Millie – I fe…”

Dryness, Acne & the Winter Blues…It’s particularly challenging to manage acne during the winter months.  The outdoor cold coupled with dry heat from homes, businesses and cars cause moisture loss and skin becomes tight and dry.  This dr…

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